Avast! Herbicide (1 gal Jug)

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Avast! is a selective systemic liquid aquatic herbicide containing 41.7% fluridone as the active ingredient. It provides broad range control on submerged and floating plant species including duckweed, coontail, milfoil, and pondweed.

Avast! SC Herbicide

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  • Avast! SC Herbicide


Avast! is a selective systemic liquid aquatic herbicide containing 41.7% fluridone as the active ingredient. At lower rates it is potentially selective for milfoil while at higher rates it provides broad range aquatic plant control, in some cases as long as two years. Selectivity is dependent upon dosage, time of year, stage of growth, method of application and water movement.  The slow uptake of the product inhibits synthesis in the plant resulting in degradation of the chlorophyll.  It is important to note that this product does not control or reduce algae of any kind.

PLANTS CONTROLLED: Bladderwort, Brazilian Elodea, Coontail, Duckweed, Elodea, Fanwort, Hydrilla, Naiad, Pondweed (except IL Pondweed), Spatterdock, Water Lily, Water-Milfoil (except Variable-leaf Milfoil).  Herbicidal symptoms appear in seven to ten days and appear as white or pink growing points.  Under opimum conditions, 30 - 90 days are required before the desired level of aquatic weed management is achieved.  For help in determining acreage and volume, please visit our Acreage and Volume Calculations page.

PLANTS PARTIALLY CONTROLLED:  Cattail, Illinois Pondweed, Lotus, Parrotfeather, Salvania, Variable-leaf Milfoil, Watermeal, Watershield

APPLICATION RATES:  Application rates range from 0.12 - 0.24 qts/acre-foot (45 - 90 ppb) in ponds and 0.03 - 0.24 qts/acre-foot (10 - 90 ppb) in lakes.  It is important to maintain the specified concentration of Avast! in contact with the target plants for a minimum of 45 days.  Rapid water movement or any condition that results in rapid dilutions in treated water will reduce its effectiveness.

USE RESTRICTIONS: Waters treated with Avast! may be used for swimming, fishing, and livestock consumption immediately after treatment.  In lakes and reservoirs or other sources of potable water, do not apply Avast! at application rates greater than 20 ppb within 1/4 mile of any functioning  potable water intake.  Irrigation with water treated with Avast! may result in injury to the irrigated vegetation.  In ponds, there is a 7 day irrigation restriction on established tree crops, a 30 day irrigation restriction for established row crops/turf/plants, and an ELISA Test must be performed when irrigating newly seeded crops/seedbeds or areas to be planted including overseeded golf course greens showing that fluridone concentrations are less than 5 ppb.  An ELISA Test must confirm that residues are less than 1ppb for Greenhouse and Nursery Plants.  Do not use water treated with Avast! for hydroponic farming.

Information above is provided as a reference only.  Please consult the label and MSDS for full detailed information on application rates and use restrictions.  Not Available in CA, CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OR, RI, WA, VT.

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