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  1. Water Column Clarifier

    Triton WC (Water Clarifier)-2.5 gal


    Triton WC is a high-performance liquid probiotic that clarifies water through enhanced biological flocculation. This formulation removes nitrogen and temporarily binds phosphorus in the water column. 

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  2. Poseidon Pellets - 20# filter

    Poseidon Pellets (20# Filter)


    Poseidon Pellets have been collaboratively developed with the US EPA.  Each 20# filter sock can remove up to 1.33# of phosphorus from incoming water sources. 

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  3. Triton AP (All-Purpose) Bacteria - 10#

    Triton All-Purpose Bacteria

    Starting at: $269.50

    Triton AP (All-Purpose) bacteria are specifically blended to provide nutrient uptake and muck reduction. It establishes a healthy bacterial population in your pond to consume phosphorus, reduce sludge (muck), clarify water, and keep your pond and fish healthy. Learn More
  4. Triton AE Pro Enzyme

    Triton AE Pro Enzyme (2.5 gal Jug)


    Triton AE (Aquatic Enhancing) Pro Enzyme is a reformulated all-natural enzyme technology that is designed to speed up nature's natural decomposition cycle. It helps to clarify water and degrade muck and sludge in lakes and ponds and is very effective when used as an adjuvant in an algaecide or herbicide treatment. Learn More
  5. Pond Log

    Pond Log


    Pond logs are used to treat turbid or nutrient laden water reducing TSS (Total Suspended Solid) values, NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units), nutrients and metals. Learn More
  6. MetaFloc



    MetaFloc is a complete water quality and clarity restoration tool. This advanced probiotic and flocculant combine scientific research in bioengineering, phosphorus binding, and coagulation/flocculation resulting in a product that will improve all aspects of water quality. 

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  7. Triton SRPx - 10#

    Triton Sludge Reduction Pellets

    Starting at: $145.00

    Triton SRPx (Sludge Reduction Pellets) are newly formulated slow-release pellets that sink to the pond bottom to speed up the breakdown of organic waste (muck). Works great for whole pond applications and spot treatments along channels and beaches. Learn More
  8. Triton CW (Cold-Water) Bacteria

    Triton Cold Water Bacteria (10 lb Pail)


    Triton CW (Cold Water) bacteria is a highly concentrated blend of cold-loving microorganisms and fast acting enzymes to provide nutrient uptake and muck reduction in water temperatures of 41 - 64F. It excels at consuming phosphorus, reducing sludge (muck) and clarifying water in colder temperatures Learn More
  9. Pond Zinger

    Pond Zinger


    Pond Zingers are similar to our floc logs but in a smaller, easy to install size for ponds ranging from 500 - 12,000 gallons. They work like a magnet, binding together inanimate nutrients in a pond, thereby clarifying the water leaving your pond's ecosystem healthier for aquatic life. Learn More

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